A health kick without the guilt kick.

A daily check in that prompts you for 30 days to eat, move and think differently. With real-life recipes, mindful meditations, exercises you’ll actually enjoy and loads of learning.

These days health feels like an endless pursuit of impossible.
Constantly pretending sugar-free food tastes good, green smoothies don’t make you gag, you’re not about to pass out from the burpee burn and you’re actually happy with poached chicken parcels perfectly portioned out each day. When all you really want to do is eat your effing burger in peace!!
So, we created the WIRL tracker, to give you [and your health] a hug. We’re not here to tell you to be smaller, eat better or exercise more. We’re here get you happy and healthy and give you back the brain space to concentrate on the things that you actually enjoy doing!
What might happen if I sign up?
You’ll say bye Felicia to some fitspo influencers and hello to being un-confused about your health.
You’ll start enjoying foods without feeling guilty and chocolate will stop being your frenemy.
You’ll feel like you’re doing enough for your health, embrace your body and boost your self-confidence. Bam!
You’ll actually feel healthy by setting goals that get you places other than to the scales in the bathroom.
You’ll start trusting yourself again and become more intuitive with the way you eat, move and think.
Need more convincing?
We’ve got health creds.
We’re Alicia (aka Leashdawg) and Bree (aka Breeza). We’re both dietitians and life loving individuals. We started WIRL, Wellness In Real Life, a social enterprise and community movement, to encourage others to lead their own food and health journey through strengths based, scientifically backed health tools.
We’ve got all bases covered.
We’ve teamed up with a bunch of legends to bring you all the goods. Movement, meditations and more! We’ll keep sharing these with you across our 30 days together. So keep an eye out for new-ness comin-atcha!
We are sorry (not sorry)
We won’t give you a daily program with 3 meals, 2 snacks and daily rigorous exercise prescription program (aka ‘the what’). Instead we mainly give you ‘the how’ and ‘the why’, with a sprinkle of ‘the what’ so you can be the bestest boss of your bad-ass self!