Who is WIRL?

We’re Alicia (Leashdawg) and Bree (Breeza). We’re two pretty flipping fun folks, life loving individuals and genuine go-get-em gals who happen to also have a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. Yeah, we’ve worked in the field of nutrition and health for years now, but what we really care about is helping people feel good. Our social enterprise exists to bring the best out of people, into healthier, happier humans.

Our background? Well, we grew up around veggie patches, mixing bowls and grandma’s kitchen bench. Creating food with family and friends is our jam and it’s left us really well rounded when it comes to our approach to health. Let’s just say, we love getting back to the basics and keeping it REAL! Through our own personal and professional journey’s, we have realised a true passion for loving, celebrating and wholeheartedly enjoying food.

It makes us genuinely devastated to observe the huge amount of pressure, pain and unrealistic expectations we see people putting on themselves when it comes to their health. We see goal posts set so narrow, diets followed forever and a never-ending notion that says “you are not enough”.

We have a dream, to live in a world where diets don’t exist, self-esteem is at an all-time high and people have a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

So we created WIRL.

Wellness In Real Life (or WIRL if you will) is a social enterprise. We like to describe WIRL as an enabler organisation. We enable the coming together of like-minded people in a fun, safe, familiar environment to learn from one and other. Because let’s face it, we are all the experts of our own experiences. At the moment we’re enabling this in the form of wellness experiences and online tools. We partner with charity organisations to ensure health and nutrition is accessible to all across the globe. WIRL is a feel-good frenzy and we’d love to have you join us in some way, shape or form soon!